Who Is The Owner Of Free Fire And Who Came First Free Fire Or Pubg

Free Fire As we know that is a very popular Battle Royale game, just like pubg, many people are crazy about this game in today’s time, but if we talk about India, then pubg has been banned, due to which people alternate it i.e. free fire. enjoys.

Basically in this blog we will know about some important information related to it like who is the owner of free fire and when it was launched or pubg came before that all the information related to free fire you will get in this blog.

What is free fire?

Free Fire is a game played by many people in India. Free Fire is played with a lot of noise not only in India but also in other countries. Free Fire is a battle royale game that features 40 players at a time. Apart from this, there are other maps in Free Fire such as Kalahari, Bermuda, Clash Squad, Bomb Squad, Training Mode, etc. The features of all these maps of Free Fire are also different, in which the same number of players come in Kalahari and Bermuda, but their map changes. In contrast, there are two groups in matches like class coil and bomb squad etc., in which there are 4-4 players. While the training mode consists of 100 men simultaneously, in this you can take training of free fire, hence the name training mode.

Free fire came first or pubg?

At present, many such things are being heard on social media, whether free came first or pubg. Although the players of PUBG say in this subject, that the PUBG game came first and the players of Free Fire say that Free Fire came first, then we want to clear the confusions of you people and let you know, that Free fire came first or pubg let’s see below.

Let us first know that when Free Fire came, then we tell you for your information, when PUBG was launched, at that time no Battle Royale game was available for Android or IOS version.

Because of this the company launched the Free Fire game. Launched on 20 November 2017. Free Fire was made for both the Android version and the iOS version, and in a very short time this battle royale game became very popular.

If we talk about PUBG, then PUBG was first launched for PC all over the world. But to use PUBG in mobile, people used to use different types of emulators, due to which PUBG was later launched for Android version i.e. Smartphones also. PUBG was launched for PC in the year 2017 itself on 23 March.

Talking about PUBG Mobile, it was launched on 20 December 2017 for Android and iOS versions but the official launch was done on 19 March 2018. That is, pubg mobile free for android and ios was launched later.

Players of Free Fire must have been surprised to know that before Free Fire, PUBG had taken its steps around the world, which means, that pubg came first And became so popular around the world, That its users are much more than Free Fire.

Which country game is Free Fire??

There are many people in India who say that Free Fire is the Battle Royale game of India, want to tell such people, Free Fire is not a game from India. Free Fire is launched by a Singapore based company, which launched Free Fire on 20 November 2017.

Which company made Free Fire??

If we talk about the company that makes Free Fire, then Free Fire has been created by Garena, a well-known gaming company in Singapore. Although it is quite old to say, due to which it has created many battle royale games, which are quite in vogue.

In which country is Free Fire played the most??

You will be surprised to know that Free Fire is played the most in our own country India. The trend of free fire has increased so much that almost all the young generation of India are playing some or the other battle royale game, most of them play only pubg and free fire.

Who owns free fire?

As you all know, Free Fire is made by Garena, a well-known Singapore gaming company. This company was started in the year 2009. If we talk about Garena, then the word Garena is made up of two words Global and Arena.

many people don’t know free fire ka malik ka naam kya hai? For your information, we would like to inform you that Forrest li is the owner of Garena Company. The idea of ​​making Free Fire game came in the mind of Forrest li. This is the reason why Forrest li is called the master of Free Fire.

When did the Garena company get recognition?

The Garena company had launched many games before this too, but it was not recognized. It was simply known as Singapore’s Local Game Platform. The first product of this company was Girna Plus, which was popular for online gaming as well as talking to your friends like Free Fire, but this game also did not benefit this company.

After this, in the year 2017, this company launched the Free Fire game, after which its popularity increased a lot, because this game is very popular all over the world. The Garena Company has got this recognition due to the Free Fire game, the credit goes to the founder of Garena Company forrest li.

Free fire 1 how much do you earn a day?

If we talk about the earning of 1 day of Free Fire, then according to experts, Free Fire earns 75 million in 1 day. But looking at its question, we can guess that the game would have earned more than 75 million in 1 day. This game earns about 2250 million or more only from India per month.

How to get diamonds for free in free fire?

There are many people in India who play free fire and also buy free fire diamonds to top up the characters, emotes and skins etc. But if you want to get diamonds for free, you have to go through free fire tournaments. Have to play, from where you will get diamonds for free. There are tournaments in Free Fire from time to time, you can get free diamonds by participating in it.

Free fire downloaders?

Free Fire is being played a lot at the present time, due to which the number of its downloaders is also increasing very fast. Day by day the number of downloaders of this application is growing very fast. At present, the number of downloaders of Google Play Store Free Fire has reached 500M+.

Is there a copy version of free fire pubg?

We all know, in India, many people believe about Free Fire and PUBG, that Free Fire has been created by copying from PUBG, but it is not so at all. Although the features of these two games are very similar to each other, but both these games were also started almost in the same year at an interval of only 6 to 7 months and making such a game in only 6 to 7 months is not a problem for anyone. It is not just that, it is clear from this that Free Fire is not a copy of Pubg.

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