who is the father of free fire game

Who is the Father of free fire game?

Some time ago there was no name for online gaming, but after the arrival of Jio, the Internet has become like a visaport in the world, along with that the trend of online gaming has also increased a lot in India, free fire, Call of Duty and BGMI are the highest. It is played but do you know that the father of these games is also someone about whom many people search but they do not get any special results.

So if you also want to know that who is the father of Free Fire or related games, then this blog is especially for you, this blog has been written after a lot of research, hope you will get the right information and you will enjoy it.

who is the father of the free fire game?

Before knowing the answer, you have to understand this question, who is the father of Free Fire, it means which game is better than this game, like – If a mobile from Samsung company is better than Nokia company then it can be said That Samsung is the father of Nokia, now I think you must have understood this question properly, some people here may not have understood the true meaning of this question, so it was necessary to tell.

As you have known earlier, the highest number of three battle royale games are played in India and you have also known the names of those three. There are only two games that compete with Free Fire and they are BGMI and Call of Duty. Now it’s all games, so on Battle Royale games, everyone is known for their different specialities, and every game is someone’s father. Free Fire was first launched on 23 August 2017 and it was the first game that brought the Battle Royale concept for the first time for mobile then came the Call of Duty game which was launched on 1 October 2019 and now some Months ago the BGMI game came, which is launched on 2 July 2021, now if you look carefully at the launch date of all these games, then Free Fire was the first to come, then according to this, Free Fire is the father of all these games. Compared to all these games, Free Fire has been downloaded the most times, so according to the number of downloads, Free Fire has proved to be the father of all these games.

Now if we look from the point of view of graphics, BGMI is much better than Free Fire and Call of Duty and many people are crazy about it in India, then if we look at the popularity and quality of graphics then Free Fire Baap is BGMI game. BGMI game is made by KRAFTON company which is a South Korean company and this game was earlier known as PUBG Mobile which was stopped by the Indian government a few days ago, due to this the company made some changes in the game again. Since then this game has been reintroduced in India under the name BGMI.

Free Fire Vs BGMI Vs Call of Duty

Some of the main information about these three main games are as follows –

Compare Free Fire BGMI Call Of Duty
Downloads 500 million+ downloads 50 million downloads 500 million downloads
Rating 4 Star 4.5 Star 4.5 Star
Launch date 23 August 2017 2 July 2021 1 October 2019
Fan base 80 million+ 60 million+ 70 million+

Overall Comparison

Now we will compare all these games, which will help you to know which game is the best, mainly now we will tell you the features and disadvantages of all these games if you want to choose any one of these games. If yes, then you can choose on the basis of these features. After reading this information, you yourself will understand that whose father is which game.

Free Fire game features

  • The size of the Free Fire game is very less, so it runs on every phone and a phone with 2GB of RAM is enough to run this game comfortably.
  • Free Fire takes great care of the Indian players and keeps on bringing new events every day for them.
  • Free Fire game is easy to play as it takes only 10 minutes to play one round of this game.
  • If you play Free Fire continuously then your mobile will not get hot.
  • There are many free rewards available in Free Fire.

Disadvantages of Free Fire Game

  • Playing Free Fire game requires a lot of internet.
  • Many times the server goes down in Free Fire games due to which the game has to be restarted.
  • You have to use real money to buy premium items in Free Fire.


  • BGMI is very fun to play game you will have a lot of fun playing this game.
  • The visuals of BGMI games are of great quality.
  • In BGMI you can create your own character.
  • In this game you will get to see many types of transport.

BGMI Game Disadvantages

  • In BGMI game, you will get to see the limit of 2 hours i.e. you cannot play this game for more than 2 hours.
  • You will need a strong internet connection to play this game.
  • Playing this game can be quite difficult for new battle royale players.

Call Of Duty game features

  • This game makes you feel like a real army officer.
  • The graphics of this game are very similar to the original.
  • You can also play this game in group with your friends.

Call Of Duty game inconveniences

  • This game is the hardest to play.
  • Few people play the Call of Duty game in India, so you will find very few Indian players in this game.
  • To play this game, your phone must have at least 4GB of RAM.
  • The phone does get a bit hot while playing this game.
  • In Call of Duty, it is difficult to press the buttons given inside the game.

Important Questions and Answers

Is PUBG the father of Free Fire?


Actually it was not. The PUBG Mobile game was banned a few days ago by the Government of India. After which this company made a new game similar to PUBG, whose name is BGMI, so now PUBG Mobile is not in India, then this game is not the father of Free Fire.

Will Free Fire always be the father of all games?


The way this gaming industry is growing, it is difficult to say whether Free Fire will always be the father of all games or not, but still no game can always be on top, every game is the king of its time, by the way. If seen, the way Free Fire game entertains its players, perhaps its players will be crazy about it forever.

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