What is Netflix? Complete Information

In today’s time, countries have grown a lot, today sitting at home, you can get all the things online like clothes, accessories etc. And you can also do the work of studying and learning online today, due to which both our time and energy is saved.

Just as online streaming gives more entertainment than TV, in earlier times 20 people used to watch the same channel on TV simultaneously, but after the arrival of online video platform, TV is becoming smaller in front of mobile, because nowadays Hotstar, amazon prime Platforms like video, youtube and netflix allow to watch any video at any time, so that any person can watch any movie from internet whenever he gets time.

Just as the dominance of radio was reduced with the advent of TV, and the dominance of Netflix and youtube will increase in the coming few years, because humans are a little more convenient and time-saving in it, in today’s time Netflix has become the king of movies. Well, many more changes can be seen in the coming time, so in today’s article we will see how Netflix has dominated this world? Today will give you complete information about Netflix

Netflix is ​​an American video streaming service, where any new film is released, just as the film was released in cinema halls before, but after the corona epidemic, production houses started resorting to online platforms, sometimes Netflix would release a movie. Also buys, and Netflix itself becomes the distributor.

Before 2016, the number of internet users inside India was low, and the data package was also very expensive, but after the arrival of Jio, there was a revolution in the internet sector, and in 2016 the Netflix company stepped into India, its main work is Top Demand Movies. And the webseries have to be shown.

Just like we recharge the dish to watch TV, and have to wait for any movie to come, and after every 5 minutes ads come, and if a movie is missed, you can’t watch it again. Due to which the user does not get satisfaction.

But this is not the case on Netflix, there is a subscription like Netflix TV recharge, after taking which we can enjoy movies and web series from our mobile, computer or laptop, in this we can watch any latest movie / webseries. , and can see it from anywhere in the middle or from the beginning, and ads are not shown in the middle, due to which there is no disturbance to the user.

You need three things for Netflix, first you should have a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, secondly these devices should have internet connection, and thirdly you have to subscribe to Netflix, after which you will get any latest movie / webseries. can see.

The biggest feature of Netflix is ​​that it gives you a free trial of 1 month, in which you can enjoy movies / webseries for free for 1 month, if you like this platform, then only you buy the subscription.

Netflix’s plan gives from Rs 200 to Rs 800.

Netflix mobile plan Rs 199

Netflix Basic Plan Rs 499

Netflix Standard Plan Rs 649

Netflix mobile plan Rs 299

Netflix premium plan Rs 799

official website of netflix – https://www.netflix.com/

Now a question must have come in your mind that YouTube is also a video streaming platform, where you can share and create videos, so how is Netflix different from YouTube? If seen, there is a big difference between these two, so let us know what is the difference between Netflix vs Youtube, which platform is more convenient.

1. You do not have to take any subscription on YouTube, or it is absolutely free, but on Netflix you have to take subscription, which has one month or year plans as given above.

2. While watching videos on YouTube you are shown AIDS in between, but no AIDS is shown in Netflix, due to which you do not have any disturbance.

3. You cannot watch any latest movie / webseries on YouTube, but you can watch any movie / webseries on Netflix, because most of the latest movies / webseries are released on Netflix only.

4. There is no adult content on YouTube, because it is against YouTube’s policy, but you can watch any adult movie or webseries on Netflix.

5. You get all kinds of content on YouTube, if seen properly, there is a lot of fake content, but only relevant and professional content is available on Netflix.

6. Today YouTube has 2 billion users all over the world, but Netflix has only 150 million users, because it is a paid tool.

7. YouTube does not have any content of its own, in this the user is the creator and the viewer, so it is more popular, but only the content is available on Netflix, which Netflix wants to show.

8. YouTube is a public social sharing platform, where people earn millions of rupees by uploading videos, but Netflix is ​​an organization, in which only the latest movies and webseries are shown.

9. YouTube is such an entertainment platform, where one can earn money by learning skills and teaching people on YouTube itself, such as online classes related to computer knowledge, cooking, stock market, coding, projects, gaming, education, interviews and more. Discovery etc.

10. You will not find any latest movie on youtube because if the movie will come on youtube then they will not earn, so any new movie is used netflix or any other online platform, because it is paid platform, and netflix In a way, becoming a distributor, anyone buys a movie.

Netflix was first started in 1997 by two serial entrepreneurs to show shows, their founder and CEO are Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings, Netflix gave its first service in Scotts Valley, California, when the people slowly When this platform was liked, Netflix had become the most popular internet entertainment platforms.

After this Netflix was made a full-fledged movie rental service. After this, Netflix launched the movie on its official website and started selling it from house to house by making DVDs, even after which it started becoming quite popular, due to this, one day an idea came in the mind of the CEO of Netflix that why not launch it publicaly. Go so that every user can see it through his internet.

Today Netflix has more than 150 million paid users in 190 countries all over the world, Netflix shows TV series, documentaries, and feature films on its platform according to different variety and user demand, thus today Netflix is ​​the number one in the world. One Video Streaming Platform.

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So this was very important information of netflix because after epidemic like corona many film industries are getting swift in netflix because now many people don’t want to go to cinema hall they like to enjoy movies in netflix at their home.

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