What is E-learning – Advantages, Disadvantages

E-Learning in Education: Growth in the digital age has opened up many new opportunities and has contributed significantly to the realization of India’s dream of independence. Similarly, e-learning is also very popular and was made much easier by early e-learning. This will. However, following the corona epidemic, implementing traditional education can be dangerous. That’s why people have adopted e-learning to help their children get closer to education.

Hello friends, in today’s article we will talk about E-learning, although E-learning was introduced a long time ago, but it is said that the value of something is not understood until the disaster comes, And people do not think of taking a step forward.

But after the Corona epidemic, due to the closure of schools, colleges, people felt that the way children were connected to education, so they started providing education through E-learning, and now everyone is comfortable in E-learning. , then everyone wants to study sitting at home, so today we will know, so will E-learning replace traditional education completely? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

We call E-learning electronic learning, it means that through electronic device, there is an interaction between the people of any two sides, today E-learning has become the biggest part of education, due to which virtual classroom, online Meetings and webinars are possible without any favour.

The way the situation is going on in this world, it seems that in the coming few years, E-learning will completely replace Traditional Education, but it is just Vision illusion, that’s what we are thinking. How much change will happen, only time will tell.

The concept of E-learning was introduced by los angeles in a seminar in 1999, but at that time the number of high internet access and adoption by people was very less, just as the rule of this world is to find opportunities in disaster, such as People felt that it is not possible to run school and college in Corona, so made E-learning a means of education.

We can call this online education, in which to distribute education through online system service, so that somehow interact and concentration remains, when E-learning is needed then people do not see what are the advantages and disadvantages of it, Whereas if seen, this is the right time to adopt E-learning.

Let us now know that how many types of E-learning are there? How does the concept of E-learning dominate the people? What are its advantages and disadvantages? And what are the resources? know about it.

There are two aspects to learning and using E-learning, and this aspect decides how beneficial or harmful E-learning is for you, currently we know about its types.

1. Synchronous
2. Asynchronous


Through electronic devices, learners and instructors interact with each other from different places at the same time in real time, in this the student gets a classroom-like environment, nowadays most schools and colleges adopt this, that any online With the help of the tool, the student is treated like a classroom, so that the student feels that the classroom has come home, this is what we call Synchronous.

In this, more than one learner and the teaching instructor can meet at the same time, solve their problems, it is also called Two Way Communication, in which the student has to attend the meeting with the instructor at the same time.

Synchronous is considered to be the best medium of E-learning, some examples of this are as follows.

  1. audio conferencing
  2. video conferencing
  3. class webinar
  4. live chat
  5. Application Sharing
  6. virtual classroom


There is no interaction between Learner and Instructor, although it is not known who is the Instructor of the Learner, because in this, any Learner can take video courses according to his need, paid or free, through any online tool to improve his skill. and develops education.

Nowadays, most of the Learner prefers to adopt the Asynchronous policy, because the timing of the meeting is fixed in Synchronous, whereas in Asynchronous, the Learner does the activity according to himself, in which he is more comfortable.

Asynchronous is the biggest disadvantage of E-learning, because it requires self-discipline, and an 18, 19 year old child is not aware of self discipline, although somewhere Asynchronous is very beneficial and relevant, let’s know that is Asynchronous Which are the aspects.

  1. Youtube
  2. Blog
  3. Website
  4. E-Book
  5. Recorded Video
  6. forums

Just as every thing has two sides, in the same way E-learning also has advantages and disadvantages, but when there is a demand for something, it is not seen, what are its advantages and disadvantages. Because turning disaster into opportunity is the policy of this world.

Advantages of E-learning – Advantage of E-learning

Books are the biggest weapon in Traditional Education, and Books are made by cutting trees, the physical book has been replaced by E-learning, so that there will be no need to cut trees, this will keep our environment pure.

In this you do not need to go to school or college, you can learn any subject through web based learning.

If you miss any of your lectures in school, you cannot cover or re-watch it, whereas in E-Learning you can watch any lecture more than once at any time.

Studying in E-learning or learning skills is very cheap and safe, whereas in Traditional Education, the cost of books, fees, dress and rent is incurred, which is not affordable for a common man.

Studying any course in school or college is for a limited time, while on the online platform we can take unlimited access to any course, which we can watch anytime from our mobile, computer laptop.

Disadvantages of E-learning – Disadvantage of E-learning

Self-discipline is required in E-learning, if you are not serious about studies at all, then E-learning can prove to be a curse for you.

If a subject is simple then you can learn through online platform, and if there is a practical subject, then you cannot learn it through online platform, for this you will have to go to the lab.

In E-Learning, there is only camera between the Instructor on the Learner, so that the Instructor does not mean how much concentration the Learner has, whereas in Traditional Education there is Face to Face Interaction between the Learner and the Instructor, so that the Learner has Concentration remains.

In E-learning, each student should have different mobile, computer or laptop and internet connection in them, only then E-learning is possible.

If you are thinking of studying through E-Learning, then in E-Learning itself, you will have to do a combination of E-Learning and Traditional Education, that means if you are learning English online, then you will have to do E-Learning after class. Practically you have to practice self made preparation, if you do E-learning by following self discipline, then E-learning can prove to be boon for you.

Online Learning

  1. Magtapp
  2. Udemy
  3. edx
  4. Byju’s
  5. Coursera
  6. LinkedIn Learning
  7. Google
  8. codeacademy
  9. Youtube
  10. Unacademy
  11. Khan sir Academy

If we look at E-learning philosophically, it has made a lot of things easier, the concept of E-learning came in 1999, and people are now aware of it, because in a country like India, whenever something When it is not needed, then we start counting the advantages and disadvantages about it, and when it is needed, we adopt it without any hesitation, maybe that is why our country is so behind in technology, E-learning in a country like USA It has been prevalent for a long time, because there they maintain the combination of Traditional Education and E-learning.

As E-learning cannot take the place of traditional education but it can definitely take the place of extra class, so shouldn’t it be targeted. So friends, this was some of the factors of E-learning, how it affects our life, if you are excited to know about E-learning, then definitely share it with your friends and tell by commenting how did you like this post. 

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