How To Run Awm In Free Fire

Sniping in free fire is a lot of fun, camp at a house, take AWM and kill the enemy in one shot, but it is a bit difficult to do because AWM is a bit difficult to walk, so today we will tell you that you How to run AWM in Free Fire, then let’s get started without wasting time.

How to play in Free Fire?

First fix your settings

  • Keep the size of your shooting buttons so that it is easy for you to shoot
  • Now go to Settings and turn on the Quick Weapon Switch
  • Now click on the sensitivity foot and make the sensitivity 10

How to use AWM without scope in Free Fire?

It is a bit difficult to kill a nearby enemy with AWM in free fire, you will need a lot of practice, so practice with AWM in training mode and set the emote button of whatever stomach you have in the middle of the mobile screen, so that you Where is the target of your AWM gun, it will be known beforehand without even opening a doubt.


How to Run AWM in Free Fire?

Simple is you go to training mode and practice to play AWM when your practice is complete then run AWM in classic match and then only after complete perfect practice run AWM in rank mode keep in mind that it is very important to practice It is difficult to run AWM without it.

AWM Auto Headshot Setting and Sensitivity ?

It is very difficult to hit a headshot with AWM especially when the enemy is moving a lot but if you practice then it is very easy just keep the sensitivity less than 30 and make the size of the fire button a little bigger so that you will get the enemy easy to kill.

Best AWM Setting Free Fire in Hindi? Simple way to run AWM?

The best setting is to put the emote button of whatever belly you have in the middle of the mobile screen, so that you will get an idea of ​​where your AWM shot is going to go without opening the scope, this trick is to AWM in your close range fight It will help a lot to run and this is a simple solution to run AWM.

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