How To Put Your Photo In Pubg Lite?

pubg As we know how popular game has become all over the world but there are some special tricks in it which makes your gaming experience even better like if you are able to put your photo, will it be fun for you then? Basically in this blog you will be told how you can put your photo in pubg lite and make your gaming experience better.

How to set your photo in pubg lite?

from Google ID

Here let me tell you that if you create a pubg account with your gmail id, then the same profile photo is shown which is engaged in the gmail id.

1. First of all, go to the setting of PUBG Lite and click on the plus button and then click on the icon with Google play store and download Google Play Games in your phone.

2. After downloading the Google Play Games app, you have to go to the setting of PUBG and click on the icon with Google play store.

3. After this, your Gmail ID will start showing in front of you, if you want to create an account with any Gmail ID, then you have to click on it.

4. After this a new page will open in which it will ask to allow permission and you have to click on Allow button.

6. Now you always have to click on the option of Play Games to login to your game. Your photo will be changed after logging in by clicking on Play Games.

from facebook

Many people have made their Pubg Mobile Lite account from Facebook. You can link your account with Facebook even if your account is not created with Facebook.

For this, you have to go to the setting of PUBG Lite and click on the plus button and after that click on the Facebook button.

By clicking on Link with Facebook and logging in with your Facebook, as soon as you do this your account will be linked to FB and the photos in FB will start appearing.

from VK

The option of vkontakte is also given to create an account in PUBG Mobile Lite. Vkontakte is a social media platform similar to Facebook.

You can also change the photo by linking your pubg lite account to vkontakte. If you have already created an account with Google ID, you can still change profile photo by linking your account with VK

How to create account in vkontakte?

To create an account with VK in PUBG Mobile Lite, you have to download VK App on your phone. After that you have to create your account in that app.

To create an account in VK, select the first word of your name, last word, mobile number, password, DOB and gender and click on Continue Registration.

After this a call will come on your phone, you will be asked to fill the last 4 no of the number from which the call will come, after which your account will be created.

How to link account with vkontakte in pubg lite?

Even if you have linked pubg lite account with facebook or google id, you can still link account with vkontakte, for this you have to follow the following steps

Step 1 – First of all download VK App from Google Play Store and log in

Step 2 – After this click on the setting of PUBG Lite

Step 3 – Here you have to click on the plus button at the top and click on VK.

Step 4 – After this, by clicking on Link With VK and clicking on Allow.

Step 5 – Now your account will be linked to VK

Last word – friends in this way you can easily change your photo or you can put your photo in pubg lite without facebook (How to change PUBG Lite profile picture without Facebook)

I hope you have understood this post written on how to put your photo in pubg light, do comment for any kind of problem.

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