How To Play Free Fire On Jio Phone

The craze of free fire is increasing day by day, due to which the sale of many gaming phones is big, but do you know that if you want to enjoy free fire then you do not need a gaming phone or any special phone. You can also enjoy it on jio phone.

How to play free fire in jio phone

  • First of all turn on the net of your jio phone.
  • Now you open YouTube.
  • Now you have to search free fire gameplay in youtube.
  • Now select the video which has the sound of the game and not any YouTuber.
  • Now play that video on full screen.

This is just the way you saw in the fake or said fake videos of YouTube. You can also make your friend an owl or say April Fool by using this method, just you have to move your fingers on the buttons of the mobile along with the video, it is not very easy.

Why is free fire not working in jio phone? Is it possible to play free fire in jio phone?

First of all let’s talk about what things are needed for free fire to run in any phone

  • A good processor.
  • More than 2 GB of RAM.
  • Big display.
  • Touch Screen.

From all these things it is clear that you have to have a smartphone to run Free Fire because you do not get all this in Jio phone, neither Jio phone has touch screen nor good processor which can run Free Fire Free Fire It is a feature phone and not a smartphone, so it is impossible to run Free Fire in Jio phone.

How to download free fire in jio phone

Now for your satisfaction, we also tell that how to download Free Fire in Jio phone, you should check yourself once so that you know that Free Fire cannot run in Jio phone.

  • First of all go to playstore.
  • Search free fire in playstore.
  • If you get Free Fire, then click on it and click on the install button.

Free Fire will not be downloaded by clicking on install and even if it is done then some error will come, if you want, you can download Free Fire from Google also but it will not work, if all your efforts go in vain, it is good that you don’t try because it’s impossible

How to Download Free Fire in Jio Phone 2021? 

By reading this article on Free Fire, you must have come to know that you cannot run Free Fire in Jio phone, no matter what you do, because Free Fire runs only on the touch screen, you cannot use Free Fire in a buttoned phone. can play

How to play free fire in jio phone ?

Jio phone was sold a lot in India and Jio company launched Jio phone 2 after Jio phone was successful, now this phone had more features but this phone also could not run free fire because it was also a feature phone Not Android and Free Fire runs on only three systems, first Android second Apple’s IOS and third computer and laptop, it is clear from this that you cannot play Garena Free Fire in any phone with buttons.

Watch the video given below, in which it has been told how to download Free Fire, but the video is fake because the video has been edited and Free Fire has been played or the video of Free Fire has been shown by opening it on YouTube.

So you must have come to know whether you will be able to play Free Fire in Jio phone or not. Below is some important information, if you have liked the information related to this topic, then definitely share it, thank you.


How to play Free Fire on a buttoned phone?

Button phones have a very small display and their processor is also weak and Free Fire only runs on a touch screen or computer, so you will not be able to play or install Free Fire on any button phone. You will be able to do it, it is impossible and also very difficult.

How to Download Free Fire in Jio Phone 2021?

It is easy to download from playstore or by searching on google, but it is very difficult to install, so don’t waste your phone’s data in downloading free fire and don’t waste your time downloading free fire. You will be able to play only on good Android phones.

how to play free fire in jio phone

You can not play in jio phone but you can definitely watch videos of free fire on youtube, maybe jio company should launch some cheap android phone soon in which free fire can run, but all the jio phones that have been launched now then it is jio phone. Or jio phone 2 you will not be able to run free fire in both.

how to play free fire game in jio phone

Free fire game will not be able to run in jio phone because the size of that game is very big and also android system is required to run free fire then you will not be able to play free fire in jio phone nor will you be able to download and install .

How to add free fire in jio phone or how to share free fire in jio phone?

With the help of bluetooth in jio phone, you can put free fire but when it is not running then it is of no use wasting time, it is better that you play free fire in your android phone itself, free fire will not be able to run in jio phone.

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