How To Hit A Headshot In Freefire Complete Information

Everyone tries to hit the headshot perfect in free fire, but due to some reason they are not able to do it properly, so basically in this blog we will tell you the right way how you can hit a perfect headshot.

What is a headshot?

First of all, we know what a head is, so friends, if we shoot the enemy to kill the enemy in a free fire game, then if the bullet we fired hits the enemy’s head, it will be called a head. , and when a bullet hits his body, it’s called a bodyguard. Now, when we shoot bullets at the enemy, it hits the body of the enemy, if we hit all the bullets in the head, that is, in the head, it will die in just two or four bullets and you will easily win the game with free fire.

If you want to hit the head, you just have to use guns like M1040 and M4A1 because these guns have a very low deflection, increasing the chances of getting hit in the head. You will find both guns in many places in Free Fire. If you used the head image settings mentioned in this article, then just use these two guns, only you will be able to learn how to correctly guess the shot.

like hitting your head in open fire

To guess headshots in Free Fire, you need to apply the following settings to the game:

  • First run the Free Fire game, then you will see the settings icon in the right corner of your game’s main screen, click on it.
  • Now you will find the “Third Digit Control” option in the settings, go to it and enable the two options “Change Quick Weapon” and “Quick Load”, then click “Save Settings”.
  • Now you get the third option for the sensitivity of numbers, click on it and set the “General” option to 40 and the “Red dot” option – 10.
  • Then set the settings to “2X” and “4X” to 60, then set the sensitivity to 0 and click Save.
    When you launch the game after applying these low-level settings, you’re ready to hit the head image.

These settings will work perfectly if your phone and game are updated to the latest versions. If you want good results then you can first take advantage of these options on the Free Fire training ground, if you hit the head in the best way, you can apply these options to Free Fire matches. And if you can’t hit your head with these settings, you can make small changes and if you apply these settings and practice constantly, these settings will help you get accurate head shots.

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some important questions

How long will it take me to learn how to hit headshots in Free Fire?

If you have been playing the game before then it will take you only seven days to learn how to hit the headshot and if you practice for a few hours continuously then you will learn to hit the headshot in just one day. By the way, you can learn to hit headshots in Clash Squad Mode quite quickly in Free Fire.

What are the best settings for hitting a headshot?

The best settings for hitting headshots are simply to customize the sensitivity, since the movement of guns depends on the sensitivity you set, so the more you choose the appropriate sensitivity, the more chances you have of hitting a headshot. I would advise you to see for yourself at which settings you are able to hit the headshot correctly, by doing this you will be able to quickly find out which setting is best for you. By the way, the default sensitivity that is already in the Free Fire game also works well in hitting headshots.

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