How to get Premium Outfit from BS Silver Coin in PUBG Mobile Lite?

If you play pubg mobile lite, you will love having new outfits and weapon skins. We have to spend a lot of BC to get premium outfits and weapon skins.

You can get premium suits and weapon skins for free even if you have a BS silver coin. Let us tell you here that you can get the same premium BS Coin suits that will be available for BS Coin.

Let us tell you that there are many such premium suits in PUBG Mobile Lite that you can get for free at BS Silver Coin. Let us know what premium outfits can be taken from BS Coin.

What is BS Coin in PUBG Lite?

BS Coin is just like BP Coin which helps you to redeem Outfit in the game for free. There is not much use of BS coin in PUBG Lite.

There are many ways to get BS Coin, you can get BS coin by daily login in the game, by completing events and from BP coin.

How to get Premium Outfit from BS Coin in PUBG Lite?

It is quite easy to get Premium Outfit from BS Coin in PUBG Lite. You must have seen the option of Shop in PUBG Mobile Lite.

When you click on Shop Option, the option of Redeem will also appear there. On clicking on the Redeem option, you will see Gun skin, Pan skin and Premium outfit.

Golden Fragment Coin is required to get these Gun skin and Premium outfits but when you scroll down you will see some premium outfits which you can also buy with BS Coin

As you can see in the photo you can take all these outfits from BS Coin. If you have a lot of BS coins in your pubg lite account then you will benefit a lot.

Apart from the outfit, you can also get a head-shaking emote, parachute skin on Redeem. To take anything from BS Silver Coin, all you have to do is click on it and click on the button below, after that click on the Purchase button.

You will get that thing as soon as you click on the Purchase button and will show in your Inventory.

How to get BS Coin?

By the way, you can take BS Coin by daily login in the game, completing the events. But if you have a lot of BP Coin, then you can take BS Coin from it. To take BS Coin from BP Coin, the following steps have to be followed.

  • First of all you have to click on Creates. You will find this option on the home page of PUBG Lite above the Shop.
  • After this, click on Soldier’s Create at the bottom.
  • After this you have to create Opening from BP Coin
  • By taking any outfit from BP Coin, if you already have that outfit, then you will get 1 BS Silver coin in its place.
  • In this way you can get Unlimited BS Silver Coin by spending 1400 BP Coin again and again.

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