How to earn money from Pubg mobile lite?

The pubg game is going on in a lot of trends these days, as we know that in the present time, whether children or teens, all have become crazy about this game, but what if you earn money while playing pubg, do you have fun? If it comes then basically in this blog we are going to talk on this topic that how you can earn money while playing pubg.

Pubg mobile lite is a version of Pubg mobile, it was launched because because of the large size of Pubg mobile, it was not installed in mobile with less RAM, so Pubg lite had to be launched, whose size is 491 MB. Is.

Friends, there are many people who spend their time playing Pubg game for 5 to 6 hours a day, some people earn money from Pubg by playing 5 to 6 hours, although no game of Pubg gives money directly. Because this is not a make money app, it is designed just for fun, which has gained a good popularity in a very short time.

Although there have been many controversies in our country on Pubg, because the linking of pubg mobile was from China, so it has been banned in India, and India is going to launch its new game BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA, whose launch date is yet Has not been released, so today the users of Pubg mobile lite have increased, and in today’s article we will tell you how to earn money from Pubg mobile lite? If you are going to tell about it, then read this article till the last.

Today pubg has become a very popular game, there are many people who earn money by playing pubg mobile lite game, and live a comfortable life, although they all resort to third party favor, because pubg no money directly. Lets, if you play the Pubg game, then understand that you have a huge weapon to earn money, once read the instruction given below thoroughly, so that you can get the directions of every medium, in which you will get some There is no need to invest money too, so let’s know –

earn money by live streaming on youtube

Friends nowadays all play and play youtube and pubg games, if seen, the combination of pubg and youtube is so dangerous that today many people are such that sitting at home and live streaming of pubg are earning millions of rupees a month, although youtube But the setup to go live is a bit expensive, but I will tell you some such ways, in which you do not need to invest a single penny, and you will be able to live videos on YouTube, with this you can start your YouTube journey, and If you keep working continuously, then the career is going to be big in the coming time.

You can either do commentary with your voice to live video on YouTube, or you can add a song, whenever you play a Pubg game, your phone has a feature of screen recording, in which you can play the first half. Or record an hour of video, after that make a good edit, you can edit the video with kinemaster, then as soon as you put it on YouTube, you should enable Premiere now under public.

After enabling this, the notification of your video will go to everyone, and it will be uploaded like live streaming, another way is, if you have a laptop, then by downloading Apowermirror and OBS studio in the laptop, from one you can download your mobile. You will be able to see the screen in the laptop and live from OBS, remember that both these software have to be installed in the laptop itself, and connect the phone with USB cable laptop and play pubg in mobile.

After this you will be able to easily do live streaming on YouTube, and if more users watch your video, and you get some money from YouTube on 1000 views, and gradually it also increases, after which you can earn lakhs of rupees. Is.

Earn money from blogging?

This is the best way for those people, who do not want to make videos and speak in it, only like to write, even then can earn money, or you can write both video and blog, you will get double benefit, blog is also a It is a full time / part time profession, in which you can work for 2 to 4 hours daily.

Although to blog, you need hosting and domain, where both free and paid are available, but I will tell you about free, first you have to go to website by going to Google Chrome, it is Google’s website. There is a free service, from where you can write a blog, and after getting ranked, you can convert to paid.

If you do not know how to make a website on Blogger, then you go to YouTube and search how to make website on blogger then you will get thousands of results step by step, and you can publish daily blogs in it by creating a website.

You can write a blog about pubg or any other game, like kaise download pubg? how to use vpn How to increase BC? There are many topics on which one can write.

After writing 30 to 40 blogs, you have to apply for Google Adsense, after which Google will show ads on your website, and you will be able to earn money from those ads.

Make money from tournaments?

This is a better way to earn pubg, but you have to invest a little money in it, because in view of the popularity of pubg, many such apps have also come, where tournaments are organized, and you have to participate.

You will have to pay some entry fee to participate in the tournament, after which you can take part in it, you get paid for killing, if you have done more kills, then you can be paid per kill, per The kill money can be anywhere from 10 to 50, the bigger tournaments you participate in, the more money you will earn.

Here I am giving you the links of some apps, from where you can download them and participate, friends, this is for those who play pubg games very well, and specializes in killing, then you can earn a lot of money. can.

  1. Gaming Monk
  2. PlayerZon
  3. GamerZ Area

You can download the application by going to their official website, and install it in your mobile, information about how to use it is given below.

1. First of all you have to go to their official app, and create an account, you can login to the account using Name, Mobile Number, Email ID and Password.

2. After this you will see the list of all the tournaments, in which you have been given the price and timing of that contest.

3. You can play Pubg game by choosing the price and timing according to you.

4. If you can not afford their entry fee, then you can earn money by referring this app with your friends, and with that money you can participate in tournaments.

5. You have two ways, either by referring and investing money in the contest, or by investing money from your account.

6. After this you can play Pubg game, and the more you kill, the more money you will get.

Friends, this is the way in which thousands of people are making money, because it is better than wasting time just by playing games, that you earn money along with your entertainment, and many people are earning money like this.

Friends, this was how to earn money from Pubg mobile lite? About the very easy and genuine way by which you can make part time income with entertainment, and run your expenses, if you just play games, and do not take advantage of it, then of course you are going towards ruin. Because playing many pubg mobile lite games are also earning millions of rupees per month.

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