How To Earn Money From Google Blogger?

Many resources to earn money have become available in today’s date, out of which blogging is one which is becoming very popular at present. Or you earn money by publishing articles and for that you also need a little investment, but if you want to set up your blog without investment, then you have the option for that too.

Google’s platform blogger, which is specially made for blogging, where you can create your website for free and setup your blog, in this blog we are going to know about how you can set up your blog for free.

To know about blogging, we need to have basic knowledge of blog, because before starting anything it is necessary to know what is blog, and how does it work? What is the need of this? How can you earn money from this?

Blog is a writing skill, which we publish on the Internet by writing in our own words, so that people search for the problem related to that content, anyone can access the blog after publishing it on the Internet, this Worldwide Writing This is called a blog.

There are all types of categories in the blog, any blogger who is interested in the category, or is an expert in that category, if you want to know, on which category blogging can be, then you read this article 50+ niche topic ideas for website, youtube channel, facebook page in hindi 2021 A blogger who writes a blog above this category is called a blogger.

Google Blogger is a product of Google, which Google provides service for free, those who are interested in blogging, and do not want to invest money in the beginning, then this platform is best for those people, similar to and blogger. Both .com are free service of blogging, but today in this article we will talk about blogger, because it is Google’s product and Google’s algorithm works to rank it, so we will know how to start article writing on blogger. .

1. First of all, you have to select a category, on which you want to write a blog, you should first write a blog on any topic in notepad or ms word, because writing in direct blogger’s tool will cause inconvenience to you.

2. After this, you have to search on Google Chrome in your mobile or computer, this is the official website of blogger.

3. After login with email and password, you will see the option of “Create a new blog”. Or the option of “New Blog” will appear in the left side, where you have to click.

4. After this you have to write the “Title” of your blog. You can put anything, like the name of my blog title is microcreator, this title is going to be the name of your blog. After that you click on Next.

5. You have to give the same name, which is unique, if you enter anything in the query, if your name is unique then you will see that, “This blog address is available”. After that click on Next.

6. In the next step, you have to give your “Display name”, which will be the name of your site. After that click on the option of “Finish”.

After doing this you will get your blog name, whatever display name you have entered will be a subdomain name, like if you have entered primesupport name then you will get a domain named which will be worldwide, so to do After that you can publish whatever blog you have written in notepad or ms word by copying it.

Now we know what things you need to keep in mind while publishing a blog.

1. Whenever you write your article in ms word or in notepad, first of all you should edit it two or three times to see if there is any error, and the content should be user friendly and user satisfaction, so that the user can click on your content. Come the bar

2. When your content is completely error free and user friendly, then once you go to and check how much copyright your content is, if any website will show the same content as you in percentage, then you Make some changes so that Google accepts your blog quickly.

3. You need an image for any content, which you cannot download from Google, because Google also claims copyright in the image, you have to create the image for the unique image, you canva You can create your desired image by visiting .com, which will be your unique image.

4. You must put at least 2 posts in a week, no matter how much you can put, because you do not need to give 10 hours in a day to be successful in blogging, you give 1 hour continuously for 10 days, my This means that you keep working continuously, because your post published today is indexed in 15 days, and ranking is done gradually.

5. You buy books related to your category so that you get more new ideas, and you can write deeply.

6. You can definitely take ideas from other websites, but do not copy, because you have to become your original version, you see how much satisfaction you give to the user in your own way.

7. Keep at least 800 words in a post, and write all the information related to whatever title you have chosen, because the user should get satisfaction from your post, so that he does not need to go anywhere else.

8. While writing the post, definitely enter the heading and sub-heading and write the content in bullet points so that the user does not have irritation, and can read your content fluently.

In this way you can make your blog simple and beautiful, blogging is a full time and part time business, and many people have made it their passion in their college life or in free time of job and some full time blogging, and At least 6 to 7 months of continuous hard work in blogging, then your income will start, and after 1 or 1.5 years of experience your income will be 40 to 50 thousand, for this you will have to create helpful content, so that your blog People can be helped through this.

When you spend a lot of time in blogging, then what action should you take next.

1. Whenever you start the website, add your website to google search console so that you can know which errors are coming in your website.

2. You add the website to google analytics so that you can know how many users and for how long they are staying on which post, which content they like more, so that you can start more articles related to that content. Is.

3. You should keep at least four categories of a category in your website, and there should be at least 6 articles in one category, after that you apply for google adsense.

4. You will earn from Google Adsense only, and Google will give your Adsense approval only when your website will follow all the policies of Google, which we talked about above.

5. If your adsense approval is getting rejected in the first time, then do not be discouraged, Google will also tell you about your shortcomings along with the rejection, after fixing which you can reapply, no matter how many times you can apply Is.

After following all these criteria, you will undoubtedly be successful in blogging, don’t do blogging to get ahead of anyone or anyone, make blogging your passion, and there is no limit to money here, you can follow this blog. After reading you can choose your category, and you can start working on it from today itself.

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