How To Apply Online For Passport? Documents Required For A passport?

How to apply passport online :

If you want to travel to other country then you need some important documents for that and passport is one of them which is very important to travel in other country. So to travel to another country, you must have a passport and before that you should know how you can apply for a passport.

In earlier times, you had to make several rounds of passport service office to get a passport, and in the meantime you had to pay the agent, but nowadays everything has changed, and everything has become possible through online internet. Where, from RTI file to Aadhar card, PAN card, copy can be applied and downloaded from the internet, the government also wants that you should not have much trouble and apply online without agent.

Passport is an identity card issued by any government, which is used to go to another country, it tells the citizenship of the person, we can also use it for identity proof in our country. Because it has the person’s name, date of birth, gender, signature, and photo.

Passport is an indentity to go to another country, which shows his citizenship for any purpose he has come to this country. Because passport is a legal document.

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Pan Card
  3. Water Bill
  4. Voter ID Card
  5. photo and signature
  6. Parent’s Passport Copy (It is necessary only if the parent’s passport is made)
  7. 10th Marksheet
  8. Birth Certificate
  9. Voter ID Card

If you have all these documents, then you can easily apply through online website, but keep in mind that while applying online, avoid online fraud because if you are going to apply without thinking, then you cybercrime can be a victim of.

These are those websites which are fraud for online passport, you should never apply to them, otherwise you may be cheated, both your money and time may be wasted.


If you want to apply for your laptop, computer or mobile passport, then follow all the steps given below, you will not face any inconvenience.

1. First of all you have to open the official website of Passport seva in Google Chrome.

2. After the website is opened, you have to click on New User Registration.

3. After this option is opened, you have to fill your personal information, like

  1. Passport Office [Choose the location from where you want to get the passport made]
  2. Given Name
  3. surename
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Email ID
  6. did you do your login id same as Email Id? you can choose Yes or No [If you want to make the email the login id, then do yes]
  7. Login Id
  8. Password
  9. Confirm Password
  10. Hint Question [After forgetting your password, you can create a new password from it, definitely remember it]
  11. Hint Answer
  12. Enter Captcha

4. After entering this information, you have to click on Register.

5. When you click on register, a confirmation message will come on your email ID, inside which there will be a link, you have to click on that link.

6. As soon as you click on the link, Enter User Id has to be entered, then the option of click here to login will appear in front of you.

7. You will again come to the main page, where you have to click on Existing User Login.

8. You have to login once again by entering your login id, password and captcha.

9. As soon as you login, you have to click on Apply for fresh Password / Reuse of passport.

10. You will have two options, alternative 1 and alternative 2, in which you have to fill the online form in the first, and in the second you have to download the form and fill it. My suggestion is that you fill the form online, so that you will not face any inconvenience.

11. After clicking on the online form option in alternative 1, first you have to choose your district.

12. After this 3 options will open in front of you which will be as follows

Applying for fresh passport Reuse of Passport
Type of application Normal Tatkaal
Type of Passport Booklet 36 pages 60 pages

You can choose the option as given above, if you find any other option right for you, you can select it, then you have to click on Next.

13. After this you have to fill the application details. Which is like an online form.

  1. Given name
  2. surename
  3. Gender
  4. Have you ever been known by other names [ if you are called by any name then yes, otherwise no ]
  5. Have you ever changed your name [ Have you ever changed name in documents then yes or no ]
  6. Date of birth
  7. Is your place of birth out of India [ If you were born from India then yes if not then no ]
  8. Place of birth
  9. State/UT
  10. District
  11. Marital Status
  12. Citizenship of India by [ Birth, Registration, Descent ] [ I Recommended Birth option ]
  13. pan card [ if yours is made then yes if not then no ]
  14. Voter ID [ If your voter ID remains, then yes, otherwise no ]
  15. Employment Type [Choose what work you do]
  16. Is either of your parents spouse a govt. servent [ If any of your parents have got government job, then yes or no then no ]
  17. Education Qualification [ Where and how much you have studied ]
  18. Is applicant eligible for Non-ECR category [ Click here to read the instruction yes or no ]
  19. Visible Distinguishing mark [ not recommended ]
  20. aadhar card [ if yours is made then enter the number if not then do no ]
  21. I agree yes no [You click on yes because it wants to ask whether you accept our terms & condition or not]

14. After this you have to save my details, then your application reference numbers will be generated, then you have to click on Next.

15. After this you have to give Family Details, in which the option is as follows.

[Enter the parent’s name which is on their document]
  1. Father’s given name
  2. surename
  3. Mother’s Given Name
  4. surename
  5. Legal Guardian’s Given Name 
  6. surename

16. After this you have to click on save my detail and click on Next.

17. After this you have to give Present Residential Address, in which you have to fill the option of House Address, State, District, Police Station, PIN Code, Mobile Number, Tel number, Email-id.

18. After this you have to click on save my detail and click on Next.

19. After this, the name and address, mobile number, Tel Number, email id related to the emergency contact have to be filled.

20. After this you have to click on save my detail and click on Next.

21. The interface of Identity Certificate / Passport Details will open in front of you, in which you have to fill 3 options related to passport, if any option is not relevant, then you can click on no.

22. After this you have to click on save my detail and click on Next.

23. Now you will be asked about other details, in which you are asked related to case or ben, whose interface is something like this, you read it thoroughly and fill it, if you do not have any such restriction above, then you Can do no on all.


24. After this, a preview of the passport will be shown in front of you, in which all the details will be automatically but you will have to go to the passport seva office once for photo and signature.


25. After doing next you have to give birth proof and residential proof in which you can select Aadhar card, if you want sms of passport service then click on yes.

26. After this you submit the form by clicking on the place, date and agree.

27. Your application will be successfully submitted, now you have to click on pay and schedule appointment.

28. You will have two payment options in front of you, you can choose either online or offline, then you have to select the passport office, after which you will get its appointment time and both.

29. Then you will get both the office time and the address, you can change the timing if you want.

30. After doing all this, you have to go to the view saved submitted application in the left sidebar.

31. You can take a print out of the view print submitted form by selecting your application, although there is no need for it.

32. In this you choose many options according to your need, in this you will get the option of print application receipt, in which you have to download the receipt and get it printed out.

33. You should take the print out receipt along with you on the day of appointment to the passport seva office, and get the document verified, after that you have to go to your local police station and get the document verified once.

Generally, the cost of getting your passport made is Rs 1500, and for Tatkal it is Rs 2000, after doing all this, it will come to you within 15 to 25 days by the Passport Seva Office through post.

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