Free Fire Pro Tips And Tricks

If you want to be a pro in freefire, then the tips and tricks mentioned in this blog can help you a lot, so read the blog throughly.

free fire tricks and tips 2021

Use different guns for each fight

  • In free fire, short range means to kill the nearby enemy and use different guns to kill the distant enemy. In Free Fire you can use mp40 gun for short range and ak or scar gun for distance.

land at a safe place

  • Landing at a safe place means a place where no one land Get down

don’t fight without helmet and vest

  • Don’t always fight without helmet and vest in free fire if enemy has helmet and vest and if you don’t then enemy will win because helmet and vest reduce bullet damage by half.

Use more damage gun

  • There are some guns in Free Fire whose damage is negligible, so it is better that you do not use these guns, such as guns like p90 and scar are included in this list.

find pro teammates

  • Find pro teammates in Free Fire that will help you become a pro and you will also enjoy playing the game. If you want Pro Player’s id and also its password, then we will give you that too, just you have to complete this lake.

Use Legendary Guns

  • Legendary guns ie those guns whose color is bright, they are also called skins, you can also buy and buy them for free, when you play with these skins, you will have a lot of fun because these skins give very few bullets to the enemy. kills and takes less time to reload so you can use these.

don’t use rickshaw and jeep

  • Do not use Tutu i.e. rickshaw in free fire, Jeep is also like a rickshaw, you will get all the bullets fired on both of them and also these vehicles get blasted quickly, so use them only when it is very necessary or Don’t do it again.

Always use a monster truck or a pickup truck

  • Both of these are such vehicles in which no matter how many shots the enemy shoots at you, all the bullets will hit the car and very few bullets will hit you. So wherever you see this car, get a ride immediately.

don’t go to red zone

  • The red zone is a small red colored circle in which many bombs fall, so whenever it immediately goes to the house built on you or goes silent somewhere, then you will be safe.

High Booty = Blue Zone

  • If you want to have a level 4 helmet and vest with good guns, just click on the little map in the corner while playing the game and jump wherever the blue circle appears.

Correct use of glow wall

  • Whenever you want to loot the drop, keep the glow wall in your hand and apply glow wall in the direction from which the bullet mark came, you can use this trick while reviving your friend.

Correct use of glider

  • You can easily go on the roof of the house which does not have a side, using a glider.

proper use of grass

  • When it comes to pubg, everyone lies down in the grass in the last zone, but because of the lack of grass in the free fire, you can see early, then try to lie very little after seeing the grass and use the glove wall more.

use of gilli bush

  • Free Fire has the Wukong character which makes itself a small plant, it helps you to hide from the enemy, if you do not have it, then you can keep quiet in the nearby plants which you can easily find near the peak. will go

use flashbang

  • Whenever you throw a flash bang at the enemy, he will not see anything for a few seconds, so whenever you see the enemy hiding in the house, throw it at him.

use of land mines

  • Whenever you are camping at a house, put a landmine on the stairs of that house. Enemy with two landmines will be quickly knocked out.

login everyday

  • Login to Free Fire daily so that you will be updated about the game and you will also get free guns skins because you will be aware of all the events of Free Fire.

use panda pet

  • All Free Fire pro players use panda because this belly increases your health HP on every kill, so you should also use panda.

never exit the game

  • Exiting the game reduces the rank a lot, so exiting will kill the enemy at the hands of the better, the rank will decrease less.

Pro Tips and Tricks for Free Fire in Hindi 2021 This is all the tips and tricks that you can use in Free Fire.

Use Only Best Character 2021 – Free Fire Best Character 2021

You can use DJ ALOK in Free Fire which is a very good character. To get DJ ALOK for free click here

How to get to the Grandmaster in Free Fire

  • land at a safe place
  • ignore the fight
  • Start fighting when the last 10 enemies survive
  • Whenever the enemy is rushing on you, go to the garden immediately.
  • improve your skills
  • Speed ​​up your glow wall
How to become a Pro in Free Fire?

To become a Pro in Free Fire, you can take Elite Pass or Diamonds, which will make you look Pro. Also you can improve your skills and gameplay which will make you even more pro. Even the skin of good guns can make you a pro, you have to maintain all the things, your skills, clothes and skins of guns, then only you will be able to become a real pro.

How to Push Rank in Free Fire?

It’s easy to push rank, play safe and always play with friends who give you raves and help you kill enemies with ease. You can also use triggers buttons to become a pro, which you can easily find online. And if you play with two fingers then your movement speed will be faster if you play with four fingers.

How to get on Heroic in Free Fire?

It is easy to go to heroic, you have to do 5 kills in every match and only after coming in top 10, you have to fight with the enemy, play every match in this way, you will reach heroic in free fire very soon, also keep in mind that you have your free Play with Fire’s best friends who will help you go on a heroic journey.

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