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If you are talking about the fastest player in pubg, then the name of Lou Wan definitely comes, you must have heard about Lou Wan somewhere, but if you have not heard and you want to know about it, then this blog is for you. In the blog, you will be given complete information about Lou Wan, where does he belong, is he Indian or not etc.

Let me tell you Lou wan Gaming is not an Indian Youtube channel but this channel is very much liked in India. Let’s know all the information about Lou Wan Gaming

About Lou Wan Gaming

Lou wan Gaming is a Youtube channel in which you will get to see videos of the best gameplay of PUBG Mobile Lite.

Lou wan keeps posting videos of his gameplay on his Youtube channel which is very much liked in India. They mostly put videos of 1V4 Clutch on their channel.

One will be surprised to see their gameplay, and for any player doing 1V4 is a big deal, while Lou wan makes 1V4 very easily.

Lou Wan was initially impressing everyone with his gaming skills, but the growth of his popularity increased immediately when he finished the entire God Clan Squad alone and made a video of it and put it on his Youtube channel.

Well later Lou Wan was also killed due to Third Party but first he had destroyed God Clan. If you do not know what God Clan is, then let me tell you this is a very famous Clan in Pubg Light whose head is God Praveen.

Praveen has a Youtube channel named God Praveen YT and it is the biggest channel of PUBG Lite where you will get to watch live stream of Daily Pubg Mobile Lite.

Lou wan Indian or Not ?

Many people do not know from which country Lou Wan is from, more people consider him to be a Chinese player. Let me tell you Lou wan is neither an Indian player nor a Chinese player.

When you go to About on their Youtube channel, then Location Philippines will be written there. This means that Lou Wan is from the Philippines and is not a Chinese player.

Lou wan Gaming PUBG Lite ID

  • ID – 7212848621
  • Name – Lou Wan

Lou wan Gaming Youtube Channel

Lou Wan Gaming’s Youtube channel has about 80,000 subscribers and their subscribers are also growing very fast.

Is lou wan a config user?

If you see the old video of lou wan, then lou wan can be called config user because he must have used some config file to increase his sensivity.

Usually, where the camera sensitivity is 200, it was 400, which is not possible without a config file, well, in the latest video, their sensitivity is normal.

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