Battleground Mobile India All Maps

In this blog, we are going to talk about Battleground Mobile India all maps, if you are a fan of action games and PUBG is one of your favorite games, then it is obvious that Battleground Mobile India will also be your favorite, although there is something special in it. There is no difference in the comparison of PUBG but you can get to see a little more difference.

Many maps have been given in the game so that you do not get bored playing the same map. In this, 5 maps have been given in classic mode, whose names are as follows – Erangel, Livik, Miramar, Sanhok, Karakin

1. Erangel

This is the oldest and most played map. This map is perfect for all types of fight sniping, close, far range fight etc.

  • Size – 8 km x 8 km
  • Feature – Has Many Different Types of Terrains And great for Everything

2. Livik

  • Size – 2 km x 2 km
  • Feature – Rich and Diverse Landscape wih different Types of Terrain for Faster matches. A complete Battle Royale Experience in your leisure time
  • Exclusive Vehicle – Monster Truck
  • Exclusive Firearms – MK12, P90

3. Miramar

  • Size – 8 km x 8 km
  • Feature – Greate for City Assults and Sniping
  • Exclusive Vehicle – Mini Bus, Mirado
  • Exclusive Firearms – Win94

4. Sanhok

  • Size – 4 km x 4 km
  • Feature – Great for Group Operations and Intense Firefights
  • Exclusive Vehicle – Tukshai, Scooter
  • Exclusive Firearms – QBZ

5. Karakin

  • Size – 2 km x 2 km
  • Feature – Lots of Hills, Little Vegetation Shorts matches. Great for Fast- Paced mid to – Close Combat
  • Exclusive Vehicle – Tukshai, Scooter
  • Exclusive Firearms – QBZ

Training –

To increase your skills in the game, training mode has also been given in BGMI, where you can increase your skills even more.

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