6 Easy Ways To Earn Money From Paytm

Paytm as we know is a very popular payment gateway through which we are able to do online payment transactions but do you know that you can easily earn money through paytm and in this blog we are going to know that how you you can easily earn money using paytm.

If we talk about 10 years ago, then the name like online was rarely heard, but today there are many online money payment gateway, so that people online recharge, bill, transaction, shopping, mutual, stocks, movie tickets, flight tickets Like it can work, and today people have become so comfortable in online money, that everyone uses it.

If you paytm se paise kaise kamaye? If you want to know about it, then first you have to know how it works, how is its security, friends, if you are going to do any work, don’t judge by someone’s saying, first you should do that thing. Look at the positive and negative aspects about it, so that you will not be inconvenienced further.

If you want to earn money online, then you must have a bank account, and that bank account should be attached to paytm, if you already use paytm, then it is fine, if not you can follow the instruction given below on paytm can connect with.

1. First of all you have to go to Google Play Store and download the official app of Paytm.

2. After installing this app in your mobile, click on login and create new account, after that to create account in paytm, use your mobile number and strong password.

3. After this you will be asked for some permission, which you have to click on all allow, after completing this process you will reach the home page of paytm.

4. After this, you have to fill whatever details you ask for by clicking on Add to bank account, you can skip it if you want, because you will be able to transact with paytm wallet without attaching money to the account.

5. If you use paytm a lot, then you have to do Paytm Full KYC, you can do this for free, in which you can do it with PAN card, license, NREGA card or passport.

Earn money with paytm cashback

This method is for those people who use Paytm the most, such as recharge, online shopping or electricity bill, then you can take advantage of it, many people are taking advantage of it, but those who do not know , they need to know how to use cashback properly.

Friends, first of all you should use Paytm in your domestic work like recharge, bill, payment and ticket etc. When you use them, you get scratch in cashback & offers, it is like a surprise for you, in which sometimes you get 10 rupees and sometimes 1000 rupees, and sometimes you get points, you get these points. You can use it online, it gets your work done, and your money is also returned, if you recharge or book a ticket for someone else, you can use the points, and You can take money from that person.

Earn money by selling products on paytm

This is the way in which you have a shop, and you can sell goods online, with this you can send your goods anywhere in India, if the customer is happy with your product, then he will order goods from you again and again. And Paytm will automatically deliver the order, from which Paytm will take commission and your product will be sold in large numbers.

You can sell the product from paytm mall, for this you have to create paytm seller account, and then upload your product with name and price on paytm, and also give discount to the customer, so that he/she can visit your link again and again. Buy the same product.

Earn money with promo code from paytm

Friends, if you are thinking of earning money from paytm, then you have to use paytm also, then paytm will give reward, cashback and offer, if you can not do anything like this then how do you earn money without doing anything about it. I have told on the website you can see, you can search in google paytm promocode, due to which there are many websites which provide promocode.

You have to copy these promocodes, and, if you are doing your recharge, bill or payment, then you have to click on See Bank Offers & Promocodes above proceed to pay, where you have to enter the promocode, and you can click on the bank account. You can also take advantage of the offer, by applying this you can take advantage of the cashback you get from the promocode.

Earn money from paytm without any favor

Friends, these were the ways in which you need something, in which you use paytm everywhere or you should have a shop, but now we will talk about those 3 ways, by which you neither get paytm There is no need to use more, nor will you need any shop, you can easily do this sitting at home.

Earn money by referring paytm

This is the way to earn money from paytm, from where you can do it in 5 minutes from your mobile, this method is of paytm itself, because paytm company wants more and more people to connect with paytm and use it, so You can also earn money in this way through Paytm company, so that we have to tell people about, how? Learn

You have to first open the official application of paytm, after that the home page of paytm will open in front of you, then you have to scroll down, where you will get four options, you will get Refer & Earn on the option below cashback & offer You will get the option, on which you have to click, and you will have a link, and below it will be all the platforms from where you have to share, the more you share, the more money you will earn, but provided the front has to download paytm .

Earn money by playing games from paytm

This is the way by which you can earn money by downloading the application of the game and playing games on it, winning coins, which you can save in paytm wallet through paytm gateway, it gives money because the gaming company gets the customer. And Paytm gets both the commission and the user, which makes the customer, Paytm and the gaming company all happy.

  1. Dream 11
  2. 8 Ball Pool
  3. Rummy Circle
  4. Paytm First Games
  5. MPL
  6. brainbaazi
  7. Loco
  8. Top Quiz

You can earn money by playing these games, these are the games in which you are given money after winning, many people are also playing any of these, and are also earning money.

Earn money by doing ads and tasks

This method is trending nowadays, because whenever a new company comes, it first understands the need of the user in the market, then after making some changes it launches the original version, so you can download the apps given below. You will be rewarded after downloading and watching ads or completing the task.

  1. Ladoo App
  2. Cash Panda
  3. Adzync
  4. InstaCash
  5. Panel Station Survey
  6. Daily Cash.
  7. Slide App
  8. Pocket Money App

You can download these apps from the Play Store, and after signing up, you have to either look for AIDS or complete the task in it, questions will be asked about you and your habits in the task, in which You can fill anything, and after the completion of the task, you will be rewarded, as much as the demand for it, then you can use that reward by transferring it to Paytm wallet.

I hope how to earn money from paytm? By reading this post, you must have understood all the ways, if you want to know about more easy ways to earn money, then visit our website, where you will get to know about all types of ways to earn money. Choose the one which you find more comfortable, which you can do. Try it once, it is very easy.

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