5 Best Ways To Make Money From Facebook

Facebook as we know is the world’s largest social media network, which people use for their entertainment purpose, but do you know that you can also earn money by using Facebook, if you do not know then scroll down the article Must read because in this blog you will be told about the 5 best ways to earn money from Facebook, which you can do without any special knowledge.

In today’s article we will talk about how to earn money from facebook. It is absolutely true that money can also be earned from Facebook, where thousands of people are also earning, because on an average there are 1.785 billion daily active users.

The way people earn money by writing blogs from Google and making videos on YouTube, in view of this competition, Facebook has also given the option to monetize the user’s content, in which you can earn money by putting content and videos, how will you earn? ? What will need to be done ? All questions will be found in today’s article, so read this article till the end.

If you are also thinking of earning money from Facebook, then you have to follow some protocols, it is not that if you start putting content on Facebook today, then money will come instantly, you can do it as a full time / part time career. can work.

First of all, you have to create a user account on Facebook, after which you can create the page for free by keeping the name of the Facebook page and selecting its category.

After this choose your niche on whom you would like to post daily, you can choose any category, on top of which you must put at least 2 or three posts in a week and be active daily, only then your page will grow.

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You can either write a blog as per your wish, or you can create and post videos, you can make videos and blogs on the same in which you have interest, only then you will be able to do long survival, but keep in mind that you should not copy the blog or video from anywhere. Otherwise, your account may get banned.

Now know how you will earn money from Facebook? And what works can you do on Facebook? So that your audience can be built in large numbers in less time, let’s go through all the topics step by step to know all the factors of Facebook.

Seeing the popularity of YouTube, Facebook also launched the video uploading product, it is the only product of Facebook from which users can earn money by monetizing useful videos.

Although it was launched in the US, UK, Canada a long time ago, and seeing the popularity of Facebook Watch in these countries, Facebook also launched it in India.

Step 1: First of all you have to create a page on Facebook.

Step 2: Choose your niche, on which topic you can write well, or you can make a video.

Step 3: Write 100% unique content, avoid copyright, so that you can survive long, you can take ideas from other’s blogs, how to write them, and by writing a blog, go to duplichecker.com and check that How unique is your content.

Step 4: It is not that you leave after working for 2 months that you are not earning money, you must put at least 2 posts in a week for at least 6 months. Continuity is the part of success.

Step 5: If you are on Facebook then the audience related to your niche will come automatically, but still you have to target the audience, give maximum valuable content, and clear their doubts in chatting.

Once you follow these steps, and work continuously for a few months, then your page or group should have more than 10000 people connected and all videos must have 30000 views within last 60 days After which you can earn money by monetizing your page and group to take money from Facebook.

Now we will talk about how we can earn money by monetizing our page or group.

Earn money by uploading videos to facebook

This is the best way to earn money on Facebook, in which you have to upload videos, just like we upload videos on YouTube, you make a video on someone, if your video is valuable then of course the audience will like your content and Will be added to your Page or group.

If you don’t want to make long videos then you can upload maximum 60 sec video on top of short videos Tips & Tricks or Amazing Fact, such videos are being liked a lot nowadays, just like reels on instagram and youtube But uploading shorts, in the same way has to be uploaded on facebook too.

When you keep putting helpful content for 6 months, and your page has more than 10000 audience, and 30000 views, you monetize your page, then facebook will show ads in your videos, which will earn you.

Make Money With Facebook Instant Articles

This is the easiest way to earn money on Facebook, it is good for those people who like writing more than making videos, so that people will read your ideas, and write your posts.

To earn money from Facebook Instant Article, you must have a website, you can create a website in two ways, from paid hosting / domain or free hosting / domain, Google provides you free hosting / domain on blogger.com, from where You can publish a website by writing a blog.

How to make money from google blogger?

When you publish a blog in the website, then you have to enable the option of instant article in the Facebook page, which you can easily enable by going to the page’s settings.

When you keep publishing helpful articles for at least 6 months, then the more views you get in your Facebook Instant Article, will show ads on your blog just like Facebook Watch, so that you can easily earn $ 500 after a year of hard work. You can earn a month.

Earn money by promoting product or brand

If your Facebook grows well, and the audience likes your content, then you can promote the product of the big company on your page, the thumbnail company itself provides you to promote through story or post.

Any brand will collaborate with you, then your Facebook page will grow well, and your page’s posts should have more than 10000 likes, because the company wants its new product to reach as many people as possible.

If you have 10k + likes on your page page, then there are many such websites on the Internet, which accept publishers for brand promotion, for this you have to signup by visiting the website given below and read your story by reading all the policies to promote their products. Or you can promote through post.

  1. Famebit
  2. InstaBrand
  3. Hypetap
  4. Nichify

Earn money by affiliate marketing

This is such a way that you will be given a link to any product, which you share on the website, youtube, facebook, whatsapp and telegram, if any user buys that product from that link, then you get commission in it.

After earning money from google adsense, this is the second biggest and easiest way, through which you can earn more than google adsense, how to do it, let’s know.

Those Popular Companies That Accept Affiliate Program

  1. Amazon Affiliate
  2. flipcart affiliate
  3. Snapdeal Affiliate
  4. Clickbank
  5. Commission Junction
  6. ebay

You have to sign in by visiting their official website, after which a link of each product will be generated for your profile, which you will share, you have to choose the category of the particular product, which you can do affiliate marketing, let’s take an example. understands.

First of all you have to choose the category, suppose you have chosen technical products, after that you either write a blog or make a video, for example you take the title “best gaming laptop”, then you have to write a blog about that product or Have to review by making a video, like when was it launched? What is the feature? How many people bought? After doing all this, you have to add that link at the bottom of the video or in the blog, which you have generated for that particular product in your profile.

If a user buys that product from your link after seeing your review, then that company gives you money as some commission, which will appear in your affiliate program’s website, how much money you will earn from Affiliate Marketing, It depends on how many people have bought the product from your link, on average you can earn $ 400 a month.

Earn Money by Selling Your Product or Ebook

If you create a 7 to 10 page e-book of business idea of ​​any course or skill, then you can earn money by selling it on Facebook, you can write on any topic, you can write in pdf format.

When you create a Facebook page, there is an option in front of you, that “Product Sale” which you can put in your page, so that people visiting your page will buy it, if you are helpful then that user will get your The user will trust, and will also share your page with other people, which will increase your audience.

Once you create a Facebook page and win the trust of 10000’s audience by providing them with helpful content, then many avenues of earning money are opened in front of you, I am not telling you the way to earn lakhs of rupees in a single day, rather I am telling that method, which is absolutely genuine and long survival, many people are earning money by doing this work part time / full time but they did good work in the beginning, due to which they are successful in online field.

There will be some category in which you will be interested, on which you can write openly, because in the coming time the field of videos and blogging is going to be very big, and competition is also increasing, so wherever you are today, whatever you are, your mobile Start with this computer, the first 6 months can be difficult, but the time to come will be yours.

If you like this post, then definitely share it with your friends in your social media group, so that everyone can get this information, and tell us by commenting how you liked this post.

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