10 Best Popular Indian Youtuber PUBG Lite Name & ID 2021

PUBG Lite games are very popular in India. Many great masters players also broadcast the game live and people want to see the live broadcast of this game.

In pubg lite, these Youtuber names are different from the YouTube channel. Therefore, people can not look for them in the public.

In this post, we will explain the names and IDs of the most popular Indian Youtuber PUBG Lite. This should not cause much trouble finding them.

1 God Legal YTpubg lite id
PUBG Lite Name: -GoD PraveenYT
PUBG MOBILE LITE ID: -7259516585
PUBG MOBILE ID: -570229450

His name is on the list of the biggest Youtubers on PUBG Lite. He is a very talented player and is one of the most popular. His YouTube channel will have 1 million subscribers. It is also the number one live streaming channel on PUBG Lite.

2 God Tushar op pubg lit id
PUBG Lite Name: -GoD TusHarOP
PUBG MOBILE LITE ID: -7376472873

Lord Righteous’s brother, Shower Op, is also a very good player, he mainly broadcasts on Lord Righteous YT YouTube channel. His channel name is God Tusharop with a subscriber of 30,000 rupees.

3. Crazy identity of the lion audience
Name of PUBG Lite: -DmG LeoN, AsurX Mahabali
PUBG MOBILE LITE ID: -7256961573

Mahabali Insane Lion from Pubji Lite is Youtuber and has a video of his game. His YouTube channel has over 60,000 rupee subscribers.

4. Audience identification for cartoons
Name of PUBG Lite: -Kartofrek
PUBG MOBILE LITE ID: -7377449564

He is a very fast growing Youtuber on PUBG Lite for an interesting comment and his channel has Rs 50,000 subscribers.

He is a resident of Lucknow and most of the videos with funny shorts can be seen on his channel. He also has a very interesting comment on his game.

5. All compressed public id
Name of PUBG Lite: -AC 么 NOVEL
PUBG MOBILE LITE ID: -7238362440

Popular with the great tips and tricks of PUBG Lite, this Youtuber is a very good player. The name of his channel is All Compression and he constantly posts the necessary tips, hints and videos for his channel.

6. Gamo Boy pubg lite id
PUBG Lite Name: -BrUtaL
PUBG MOBILE LITE ID: -7211985404

Their YouTube channel is also very old, with a K / D of 6.03 this season, season 11 and most homicides of 25.

7. Lion X Gaming pubg lite id
PUBG Lite Name: -TrexLionOP
PUBG MOBILE LITE ID: -7230750491

8. Koobra bhai Pubg LITE id
PUBG Lite Name: -KooBra ๛ Bhai
PUBG MOBILE LITE ID: -7235497601

9. Ravan x pro pubg lite ID
Name of PUBG Lite: -KooBra ๛ Ravan
PUBG MOBILE LITE ID: -71037675945

10. Melody gamer pubglite id
PUBG Lite Name: -REoMELodyYT
PUBG MOBILE LITE ID: -7230172181

Impressed by the comments and gaming skills, Leo Bhai has 27,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, and also posts videos of the game on the channel.

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