10 Best Online Jobs from Home – No Investment (Trending after Covid-19)

The trend of working from home is increasing day by day because during covid many people were unable to do their jobs because they had to go out and in such a situation it is also a risk but in today’s time you have to talk about all these things. There is no need to worry because today you have such resources available from which you can earn income from the comfort of your home.

In this blog, we are going to discuss basically by taking this particular topic, which such jobs can be done or what can be done by which you will be able to work from home and earn a lot of money.

Although many companies have also done their work online, and have given work from home to all the employees working in it, but today we will see in this article that by working with some such work and skill without any investment. How can you earn money sitting at home.

It is true that Huge Money can be earned by working on the Internet, but only those people who have the right direction and who deserve it.

I am not telling you that you will earn lakhs of rupees in a single day from internet, no. Here you need to work, and by working continuously with patience, you can earn money online.

In this article, I will talk to you about 10 such online hot topics, about which very few people know, but many people are earning money by working.

That’s why you can start online work in your spare time by knowing more details about them, and you can also take it full time slowly, and you stay with the strength about these jobs.

1. Start a YouTube channel

Nowadays YouTube has become the biggest platform in social media video sharing platform, on which today there are millions of viewers, and keep searching for good content.

There is no right time that you will start working from that day, you never wait for the perfect opportunity, you can start making videos on YouTube wherever it is.

If you do not understand, on which topic the video should be made, or which topic I am more interested in, on which I can make a video, then read this article carefully.

50+ Topic Ideas For Youtube Channel – Read Here

If I am not wrong then today there are crores of people from all over the world who are earning money by sharing videos on YouTube.

If you talk about how much money do you earn? So let me give you an idea that whose channel is in huge growth, they are earning 10 lakh / month, and small youtubers who are working for any particular field, they are earning 50000+.

You can start a YouTube channel by following these steps.

1. Choose the niche according to your interest.

2. Create channel.

3. Create helpful content.

4. Share on social media.

5. Start earning money after 10000 subscriber and 4000 hours of watch time.

Target your content according to the requirement of the audience. Once you grow your channel, you will not only earn money from YouTube, there are many other ways in which you can earn money, like

1. YouTube partner program
2. Promoting affiliate products
3. Sponsorship
4. Sell your products
5. Collaboration

If you like writing more then writing job is the best for you, and nowadays this job is in great demand, because no one wants to hire a writing professional.

There are millions of such blogs on the Internet, whose content has to be updated daily, and new data has to be added to them, which big companies do big business, such companies to build growth and reputation on the audience and social media. The content needs to be updated.

The businessman & website owner looks for such people, who hire expert content writers, who can do different types of content and work from home for them.

Doing work from home is easy for both the company and the employee, because in this the employee works for less money, because it is more comfortable in home work than office work.

Here I am sharing with you some such websites, which will help you to make online work easier, on which you can start working by creating your profile and mentioning your work.

1. Fiverr
2. iWriter
3. Contently
4. UpWork
5. freelance

Paid Online Surveys is the biggest way to earn money without any skill on the internet, where thousands of people are earning by doing Paid Online Surveys.

In these, big companies get their products surveyed, which entices customers with the rating of those products in the market, so this company gives rewards to those who give opinion about their product.

You can signup by visiting different websites of the survey, and search for different types of surveys, and submit them after completing them.

You will get the reward only when you answer the questions asked by them relevant to them, then they will show the reward on your dashboard, which you can transfer to your bank account.

Here are some websites, in which you can login and do the survey.

  1. ysense.com
  2. prizerebel.com
  3. zensurveys.com
  4. timebucks

If you spend even 2 hours a day on these sites, then you can earn $ 500 a month, for this you will have to update these websites and participate in new surveys coming in them.

This is the best way to earn money on the internet in free time, those people who are looking for the idea of ​​earning money on the internet without any skill, then Data Entry Jobs will be very effective for them.

To do Data Entry Jobs work from home, you should have basic knowledge of English and computer, and good typing speed, so that you can easily do Data Entry Jobs.

There are many such websites on the Internet, where you get data entry clients, which you can satisfy by working online, according to their requirement, from which they will pay you.

1. Fiverr
2. Indeed
3. Naukri

This is one of the most popular sites for data entry on the internet, in which you can find data entry jobs in different ways, and you can do it full time / part time, if you work consistantly, you can do it every month. You can earn up to 20000 – 25000.

Nowadays who does not know about Facebook, do not know how many people who run Facebook every day, but very few people would know about earning money from Facebook, because money was not available before Facebook, some time ago Only Facebook has started giving rewards.

Today there are billions of people on Facebook from all over the world who use this platform, due to this Facebook has opened many ways to earn money, so that people can easily earn from home.

You can earn money as an influencer or you can start putting content in it by creating a Facebook page and promoting about professional niche in your content or selling different products.

Doing business by creating a page on Facebook gives you many opportunities to earn money online. You can visit the websites given below to get all kinds of income opportunities through Facebook.

Refer: Many Ways to Earn from Facebook

50+ Topic Ideas About Facebook Page Content

Captcha Solving Jobs are the easiest and least paying jobs on the internet, in which you have to fill and submit the image captcha, and on each captcha you are given some money.

This is one of the easiest jobs available on the whole internet, about which very few people know.

There are many companies, which provide online captcha, in which you have to register and submit the captcha for them.

If you fill 1000 captcha, then you are paid from $2 to $3, it depends on how many captcha you type in a day, and what is your accuracy in filling captcha.

If you spend time in filling typing captcha for 2 hours daily, then you can easily earn from $10 to $20 in a day.

Here are some websites, in which you can register and participate in the captcha solving contest.

1. kolotibablo.com
2. megatypers.com
3. www.protypers.com
4. captcha2cash.com
5. workers.virtualbee.com

In this job, work from home has to be done without any investment and without any skill, which is very easy, and those companies do not have to personally hire any transcriptionist, and employee is also available.

In Transcriptionist jobs you have to convert audio file into text file. This audio file can be an interview, a speech, a podcast, an explanation, a medical prescription, or other audio files that you will convert.

In Transcriptionist jobs, these audio files are mostly in English, and its wast area is in English itself, due to which the number of clients and employees is more, so you should have a good command of English.

Transcriptionists get good money in online work, in which you get $10 for about 1 hour, if your accuracy is high then you get more, and if you are hired permanently through a particular website, then you $3000 is also available.

Here are some websites, from which you can start the work of Transcriptionist.

1. transcribeme
2. rev

Virtual Assistant jobs mean that you have to advise people about their work related to their business.

These tasks can be related to administration, accounts, fixing errors, making and receiving calls, managing their calendar, managing social accounts or blogs, etc.

You can get paid $10+ per hour for work from home work as a virtual assistant, in which you will act as an adviser.

Here are some websites, in which you can easily register and get work.

1. Acelerar
2. BirckWorkIndia
3. FancyHands

There are many companies like these where you can find online jobs for VA, but this is the most popular.

These jobs are not so popular right now, but if we look at this job through video editing, then it is quite popular, because it is also like video editing.

In this, you can write captions in videos for Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, or you can write captions of videos through a company.

There are many companies that offer professional captioning jobs, you can find such jobs on websites like Indeed, Flexjobs, REV, NCI etc. You can earn $0.4 to $0.8 per minute in video captioning jobs like this.

There is no special work in this, because micro jobs are those jobs, in which small tasks, which are done in a few minutes, have to be completed.

to complete any task [ काम की लम्बाई के आधार पर ] Can be paid between $1 to $3.

You can find these micro jobs thousands of jobs on different websites like mTurk, ClickWorker, MicroWorkers and various other websites.

1. searching something from Google or other websites
2. creating a testimonial
3. many other simple & easy tasks.
4. writing a short article
5. writing comments on social accounts,
6. write article or giving rating 5 star

If we go back 10 years from today, there was no trace of online work, but as the circumstances changed, people started molding them according to their needs, and started working on the Internet, because they We know that internet jobs are the future of human beings.

I assure you that once you have adapted the work of the Internet according to you, then you can earn many more money from your job, because there is no limit on work and money, and in the coming time online Work will be more secure than office work, and there are many benefits of online job, if you want to know about online work, then read this article.

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